[SOLD] 2004 Sundance Capri

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[SOLD] 2004 Sundance Capri

Post by Amos » April 7th, 2018, 2:54 pm

Model: Sundance
Make: Capri
Manufacture Date: 08/19/2004
Serial Number: 100136968
Click for Owners Manual
Click for Specifications Sheet

$1,995 + Tax: Customer pickup.
$2,495 + Tax: Our staff delivers.

Warranty: 6 month - Leakage & Electrical

Features & Description: Synthetic sided Capri. The Capri has always been and continues to be the "sports car" of hot tubs, very high performance in a small compact package. The Capri is a 82" x 69" x 30.5" small 2 person tub, very energy efficient. This hot tub is 240v since is has a large and powerful 2.5hp jet pump. This hot tub comes with a new cover, new filters, and a start-up kit of chemicals.

Work Log:
  • A new pressure treated frame was built to replace the original frame that was showing signs of water damage and rot.
  • Filled and run for a week to confirm functions and water retention, super chlorination treatment was administered to clean and disinfect entire plumbing system.
  • Shaft seals on jet pump and circulation pump were changed as a preemptive measure.
  • Weir gate and pillows were replaced due to discoloration.
Worth Mention: Nothing of note.
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