[Sold] Used 1999 Sundance Altamar

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[Sold] Used 1999 Sundance Altamar

Post by Amos » July 9th, 2014, 9:25 am

Model: Sundance
Make: Altamar
Manufacture Date: 06-15-1999
Serial Number: AL349977
Click for Owners Manual

$3,295 + Tax: Customer pickup, trailer available for loan.
$3,795 + Tax: Our staff delivers.

Warranty: 6 Months - Leakage & Electrical

Features & Description: This wood sided Altamar was owned by someone who took very good care of it, she upgraded to a much smaller model. The shell and equipment are in very good shape considering the age of the spa. The wood siding is the only drawback to this tub, if the wood siding is taken care of this tub has many years of life left in it. To this day, this tub remains one of our best sellers. The 2014 version retails for over $10,000. This tub comes with a partial step surround (see photo "Step Surround" for example) , new filter, startup kit of chemicals and new cover.

Work History:
  • New "screw mount" style headrests installed, stay in place much better than original style.
  • Weir gate to the filter compartment was replaced with a modern style, allowing for SunPurity silver sanitizing system to be used.
  • Siding was sanded and stained, area on back with rot was reinforced with plywood.
  • Filled and run for a week to confirm functions and water retention, super chlorination treatment was administered to clean and disinfect entire plumbing system.

    Worth Mention:
    • There is a small amount of rot that has started on the wood paneling, it can be seen in photo "Side Rot". The cabinet has been sanded and stained, this should stop existing rot.
    • The foundation of this tub is the older wood type, the tub should be installed on a deck or slab to allow drainage.
    • Previous customer went through two styles of coverlifts during her ownership of the spa, because of this the wood siding has some screw holes in the siding, they can be seen in the photo "Front Side" upper left and the photo "Back Side" upper right.
    • The step surround has not been sanded or stained, it is in fair condition, it could use a gentle sanding and stain applied.
Front Side
Left Side
Back Side
Right Side
Side Rot
Step Surround.jpg
Step Surround
Original Brochure