[Sold] Used 1998 Hot Spot RLX

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[Sold] Used 1998 Hot Spot RLX

Post by Amos » July 9th, 2014, 9:22 am

Model: Hot Spot
Make: RLX
Manufacture Date: 9-9-1998
Serial Number: ZQ481069
Click for Owners Manual

$995 + Tax: Customer pickup, trailer available for loan.
$1,495 + Tax: Our staff delivers.

Warranty: 6 Months - Leakage & Electrical

Features & Description: This tub is has an upgraded TriX filter. Extremely durable siding design. A very gently used cover to go with it. Very simple to put in a pickup and only needs to be filled and plugged in to use once it's in the owner's yard. Always ready to use, energy efficient. Plus: a start-up kit is included. (simple: chloro/strips/silver/guide for care)

Work History:
  • Jet internal components were replaced on all fittings that were missing.
  • Rodent damage was followed and assessed, determined to be superficial, foam was replaced and area sealed off. Screen was added to cover initial entry point.
  • Filled and run for two weeks to confirm functions and water retention, super chlorination treatment was administered to clean and disinfect entire plumbing system.
  • A bottle of "Fix-a-Leak" was added as a precaution.

    Worth Mention:
    • The tub has some minor screw holes left from previous cover clip receivers, some can be seen in image "Siding 1".
    • This tub has 4-5 small minor cracks in the siding, these cracks are around 3"-5" long. These only effect the looks of the siding and don't diminish the overall durability, an example can be seen in image "Crack Example".
    • The previous owner bought a "cheap online" cover, while it is great condition, it most likely will last less than a couple years before needing replacement (Covers are around $500).
Siding 1
Seating 1
Seating 2
Looking In
Crack Example